Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Scatology

On the Euro-Psyche in the early Post Bush Era. !NoPasaran! (Joe Noory)
brings an observation ...

From Davids Medienkrtik:
"Just slapping Bush and a desecrated US flag on the cover will no longer cut mustard after January 20... "

My answer to the observation and the implied question of "Why are they this way?"

It's nothing but a constant thrum of a frustration searching for an outlet in harmony with itself.

The frustrated drummer has lost the instrument he had been striking for so long. The arm continues the spasmatic movement without the satisfaction of either the sensation of impact or the reverberation of the drum tone.

A lone arm now waves in the air without effect or feedback ... yet still clutching the meatstick mallet.

And is joined by thousands if not millions experiencing the same emptiness.

Prediction : The American Left will soon follow.

Another observation: Is it any accident that these peoples are so fascinated by the clockwork automatons they have worked so hard to preserve in their ancient city clocks and in their homes?


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