Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunday Studies.....

If your into the topic of Bio - Diesel fuels this should interest you:

The Bio-Diesel Report is a site that looks at news in the area of fuel from organics.

I found an article from August that looks cool ...

Engine #9 at the Mount Washington Cog Railway has been converted to run a diesel engine on biodiesel instead of coal powered steam. The formal unveiling will take place September 6th.

Located on Mount Washington in New Hampshire, the Cog Railway has been taking visitors to the 6288 foot summit since 1869. It was the world’s first mountain climbing cog railway. The steepest section of the climb, named Jacob’s Ladder, is a 37 percent grade where the front and rear of the train are separated by an elevation difference of 13 feet. Sounds like an interesting ride!



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