Friday, December 05, 2008

Friday's Beer !

Hoorah It is Friday....... so be of good cheer!
The enemy's frustrated and Christmas is near.

My special celebra- Tory treat is so awesomely delicious it leaves me full of wonder and joy.

Discovered at the MLC store on Pembina South this past Friday is non other that St. Louis Gueuze Lambic, a spontaneously fermented beer with sugars added. 4.5% abv is light for my taste but a suspect something delicate and enticing to come.

Those wonderful floral Belgian hops are there.

The aroma is that of summer, new grass and flowers with a hint of some young fruit on the trees. Apple maybe or grapefruits, not crushed open but held up close and sensed through the rind. Perhaps lemon grass.
The 375ml bottle poured nicely into my favorite testing glass and produced a nice crisp white head that hung around for a while before settling into more than just lace.
The visual effect is clear honey gold with a stead effervescence that sustains for the life of the drink.
On the palate this beer is fuity and sharp with a sweet enough body that does not take away from the floral overtones. The finish is nice with a pleasant aftertaste of fruit and natural perfumes to linger in the back of the sinus.

A beautiful palate cleanser or an entertaining stand alone interlude ...she is fresh and golden and makes every moment a joy to open your senses.

SO ...Open your senses and let her please you.

Of course there are always ... Other Opinions!!

Be back later to check out Darcey's picks at Dust My Broom ...
Friday Night Blues & Beer eh?



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