Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday's Beer

Today we have a nice number from the Old Blighty........ a special treat sent to me by WLM Redux on the NBP!

Harvey's 1859 Porter !

A tasty dark gal that offers simple pleasures.
No hype no extravagance..... just a comfortable body to hold and savour.

Poured dark and creamy into the happy glass without any fanfare and just a bit of dark caramel coloured froth on the top.

The nose is a classic banana skin and toasted malt with maybe a touch of coffee brewing in the background.

Dark body gives way to a smooth slip over the palate and the consistent transition of aroma to taste. A bit of burnt caramel and then the passing of coffee taste and a finish of crisp hops.

As with most porter styles ..... the good ones ...... a bit of dryness lingers that makes you want to go back for the next quaff.

I say a full two thumbs up for the lover of dark beers.

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Better than a "B" beer to my buds ....... but that's life!
So before the evening gets too far gone take a step over to Friday Night Blues and Beer at Dustmybroom dot com!

"They bang and they clang, they pick and they pluck.

They'd do a whole lot better if they learned how to..."



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Anonymous WL Mackenzie Redux said...

Glad you liked the Harvey's OMMAG. your review reflects pretty much what I make of it. It's a boiler plate London porter with great drinkable rounded mellowness. This would be a standard quaff for me if it were available all the time and wasn't priced liek an import...I bought a case glut ;-)

Cheers from the fraternity of beirophiles

1/16/2009 7:24 p.m.  

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