Friday, February 20, 2009

Just Because It's Friday !

Some people say that the reason Florida is the number one most likely place to get rear ended while driving is because of all the OLD people.

Of course there are other possibilities................

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Blogger The Highwayman said...

So, this is how you spend your time... ogling sweet young things, when you think Mama's not looking!

Forget it, OMMAG, those vixens only want men that are ALIVE, not one with a beer belly and one foot in the grave, the other on a banana peel.

They certainly don't one that peruses porn sites, all day long, instead of working.

2/20/2009 11:30 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Someone don't know the OMMAG so well ....

2/21/2009 12:10 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Four fine posteriors plus the highwayman's comment make five.

2/21/2009 12:40 a.m.  
Blogger The Highwayman said...

Here's one for you, Lar...

Bon Appetite!

2/21/2009 1:12 a.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Hey Larry! Welcome home.

TH is a douchebag that was trolling around SDA ... I took a dislike to him right away.

Yeah It WAS something he said.

2/21/2009 1:12 a.m.  
Blogger The Highwayman said...

Awwww... kissy-poos to you, too, OMMAG, honey!


2/21/2009 1:54 a.m.  

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