Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just Can't Quit You...............

Ahhh .... it seems that hardly a day goes by without I find a remarkable post at !noPasaran! .......

Anyway .... check out this News from Deutschland

"The mayors of Mannheim and Heidelberg who visited Washington this week to rally support to retain US army bases in the southwestern German region say there’s a chance"

Yeah sure ...

"Kurz and his Heidelberg counterpart Eckart Würzner fear the closure of the bases will deal a blow to the Rhine-Neckar region’s economy. Würzner said he estimated the region will lose an estimated €35 to €45 million through the move."

Yep... that and the prospect of having Putin's Russia using you for the bitch you are should possibly give you pause to consider the consequences of decades of whining and sniping about the presence of "Americans" upsetting your delicate sensibilities and taking up space in the local schnitzel haas and Beirre Halle.

Of course the irony is completely lost on "Der Local" as on the very same page where their homeboys are seen off on the sales trip to promote der gemutlekeit back home the publishers run this .....

Should Opel split away from troubled US carmaker General Motors?

View Results

I wonder if they have any sense of irony.


p/s .... GM bought Opel back in the '60s and has owned the company ever since.

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