Monday, March 02, 2009

A Brief Sojourn To Attend to the Realities of Personal Life

A few days spent in the old stomping grounds a chance to see some old friends and the time needed to attend the bedside of stricken loved one.

Life can be harsh. Even when you can see that train coming from the far distance you might be tempted (and we often are) to dally on the tracks and just ignore it's existence.

Those trains that carry your fate with them may be sitting on a siding for some time before they move. And then, they do move and they pick up momentum.

You're still standing around catching a whiff of the flora or gazing into the near pools or taking in the sounds of the world or maybe just basking in the warm sunshine dreaming the little dreams of joy and life, when the next thing you know, that train just sent you into the next world.

Maybe you come back, maybe you don't.

One thing for sure .... you're life will never be the same... as it was before you were kissed by the train.

I'll say a few more prayers for your recovery brother. I'll be praying that you spit in the reaper's eye and laugh. And that I'll have the chance do it with you.

For what it's worth ... this is the time we regret allowing so much time to pass without enough sharing. A few more laughs and maybe a few tears wouldn't have hurt us.

So if our fates allow it... here's hoping we get a few more chances to do so.


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