Tuesday, April 07, 2009

From One Extreme to Another

A hat tip to my friend Barry who tipped me to this...................

No surprise that MSNBC Thinks they can blame business schools for all the worlds financial problems.

And surely there are some grains of truth in there about the mercenary zeitgeist of many freshly minted MBAs who think they're going to out hustle the junk bond kings and the corporate cowboys of the 1980's.

But anyone ...... I repeat ANYONE that thinks a Humanities degree is the answer to the questions implied in this piece of wishful thinking by Mathew Stewart... and that includes Mat himself... Is and Ass of Epic proportion.

Even the Subheading to the Title :

"Economic crisis has exposed the myth of business-school expertise"

Is a real piece of poo because it's not the MBAs who created the fiasco of the century.

It's the Politicians who caved in to the social activists in matters of fiscal policy who bear the shame. And just as surely as this is the whole truth ... mark my words! ... These dummies have the supreme joker and a whole court of fools at the helm now.

The Community Organizer in Chief and his cohorts are hell bent on dismantling the most successful economic structure since the days of Rome ..... and The MSM ... Like MSNBC are cheerleading all the way!

You see it's not news that the MBA is an overblown accreditation .... people who actually do business have known this for years. And typical of the MSM ... they are just discovering the fact.

Also, typically they are bent on weaving this bit trivial observation into their on going memes.

So just to repeat what should not need to be repeated ... The MSM as a group, ARE the stupidest most incompetent people on the planet. That or completely devoid of integrity.


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