Friday, April 10, 2009

Just Because It's Friday !

Friday and .... Good Friday to Boot!

Like any Friday can be good if you want it to be.

(to paraphrase Darcey at DMB) ..... BUT .... Some Fridays are just better than others.

It's been a beautiful day here with sunshine and the ice and snow melting away. I had my first BBQ of the year... even though we're supposed to fast today .... and you know what?

I'm betting that Jesus is going to cut me slack on that because we've been through one hell of a winter. In fact I'm betting that Sonofagun would have a beer with us today!

So get it on babies .... time to celebrate the renewal of life and NO doubt about it...

Praise the lord and pass that bock........ Half Pints has a beauty if you can find it.

If you can't there is always this one :

That's Half Pint's Lil' Scrapper IPA!

The scrapper is full of life ..... comes out all deep golden with a white crown... smelling of floral hops and roasted malts. Take a DEEP whiff and your tastebuds come alive... maybe even squeeze into a little cramplike beergasm............

Letting the brew flow over the tongue is a celebration of all the good things that nature can provide.... smooth clear just a little bit sweet and leaves you feeling clean and refreshed.

Count your blessings and enjoy!
Half Pints dot com

Now get on over to Dust My Broom dot com for Darcey's Friday Night Blues and Beer program. Hang out with the Broomers for a while and let us know what your up to.

Got a beer to share? Care to tell us all about it?

Catch you later..........

CHEERS! And Happy Easter.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just bought a six-pack of the IPA, and liked it a lot, but there was a fair number of yeast blob floaters. Did you get that as well?
Aside from that, it has to be (with the IPA from the Cannery Brewery in Penticton) my favorite IPA.

4/14/2009 11:44 a.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Yeast blob floaters?

Nope not in this beer.

You mean sediment? Maybe.

4/14/2009 4:55 p.m.  

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