Friday, April 17, 2009

What Kind of Car DOES John McCallum Drive?

So ? When most of us (anyone that I know for sure) are asked what kind of vehicle we drive it's an instant response ..... (I drive a Ford F150) but when a LIberal ex-minister gets asked that question he doesn't know??

Bald faced LIAR ... John McCallum hoping to suckhole a few votes for the Libranos in Windsor Ontario.
Discussed on CTV Here! Sorry no video from the event .... but it's been pretty well covered around the news circles.

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Anonymous mahmood said...

Well, it's definitely not the Smart car.

4/18/2009 2:19 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Not likely eh?

4/18/2009 5:31 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who cares? Check out the parking lot at Chryslers in Windsor and you will see Hondas, Mazdas, Toyotas to name just a few. Same thing at the GM transmission plant too.
This middle aged retired guy from the Windsor area is more worried about the rube at the helm of this country.

4/29/2009 3:21 p.m.  

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