Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday's Beer !

Say Hello !

To Chimay Blue ... Grande Reserve ..Extra Strong Ale!

Another fine brew brought to you by Peres Trapistes... these from the Abbey at Scourmont Belgium.

This dusky dream is 9% abv in a short 330ml bottle.

No disappointments here!

She pours lively and dark filling the happy glass with a slightly cloudy deep caramel body topped by tawny froth. The head settles down and disappears after a few minutes but there remains a lively effervescence in the body.

Sweet aromas waft up to greet me ... a combination that truly is like an angel's breath should be!

A Sudden burst of chocolate and coffee at first ... then roasted caramel malts bathed in the essence of spring wildflowers flowers and fresh cut grass.

The first taste taken with a deep inhalation offers a sharp tang that makes the taste buds jump and the salivary glands do a mambo. Pause and try again ... yep!
There is a slightly grainy sensation on the tongue then the complex flavours take over then the after glow of sweet sensations ... then a slight drying ... She begs me to take more of her!

The lingering flavours are like a grande tour once around the bakeshop

Again and yet again without more than a few seconds to consider we do this dance together.

She offers herself ... I indulge ... I savour ... I want more ... and so it goes.

Dark spices ... caramelized citrus ... chocolate ... angels tears ... sunshine ... joy!

This is very good ale.

Other Opinions

Thanks to friend David from North Vancouver who has found an import loving private beer store.


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