Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday's Beer !

Meet ... Biolegere!

A snappy little brew from the Brasserie Dupont, Tourpes Belgium.

No need to go into the circuitous route this beer took to arrive in my happy glass!
Also no need to reiterate how I feel about things labeled "Green" or "Organic" for no special reason.

I'll stick to what this beer is and has to offer .... and that is plenty. First off, despite the labeling and the market hype from the bottler there is nothing any more or any less organic about this brew than 99% of what I buy. The green credo and organic stuff is hype and nothing but hype.

So is the beer any good? YES it is!

The tiny 250 ml bottle contains a lovely white - ish brew that pours out with lots of energy to form a pure white head of crisp foam. The icing on this cake does not last long and before I could get a couple of good whiffs off of the glass the topping settles down into a memory.
There is some shmutz in the bottle bottom, left behind as this beer is unfiltered ( no that does not make it organic or green) .
The aroma off the glass is very organic however, with crisp lemony scent over top of grassy meadow aromas. The very first puff from the freshly poured glass gave of some roasted malts but that must have been pent up in the bottle and now escaped, gone like that white froth, never to be found again.
The body in the glass is cloudy pale honey in colour.

On the tongue this brew is smooth and clean tatsting, just a hint of bitterness that goes with the hops and finishes by leaving a clean and refreshed feeling over the palate.
I finished the glass in about 5 sips and by that last couple the taste seemed to have gone flat along with the body.
I can't say whether that is characteristic of this beer ... but it's not a deal breaker in my opinion.

Id be happy to buy six or twelve and enjoythem chilled on a hot day maybe with some BBQ'd snacks. Or just relaxing on the patio.

Worth another try at least and if you have a yen for light and mostly tasty beer .... for you too.

Maybe I'll see you over at Dust My Broom FNB&B

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