Friday, June 26, 2009

If There Was One IOTA of Risk in Any Nuclear Power Plant

Even if it was imaginary and far into the realm of hypothetical. It would never get approved in California. Even though this state has destroyed it's infrastructure for electrical power through decades of failure to invest and when investing doing so mainly in things that don't work without subsidy, they still seem to be like lemmings that have overpopulated their patch of turf.

In THIS CASE it seems that there just might be a tad more than a hypothetical risk. With a thank you to !NoPasaran!

Of course to those so deranged in their desperation to find solace in these worried and hysterical times it might not be that they want to hear any doubts or questions regarding their choice of personal flotation devices.

Certainly the Bay Area folks should have a semblance of memory about a little thing called a fault line and things known as earthquakes. Of course the 8 years of BDS that has been running through the population combined with the euphoria of having the Anointed One on earth, may lead to a new urgency in desperation unlike any they have known before. The image of sinking rodents clutching at floating straws.

You know it must be good times for people who hate the USA ...... all they have to do is sit back and watch the fools destroy themselves.

Hope and Change !


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