Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our Happy Socialist Pardise ...

May be showing some discord?

One of the favorite themes of the Lefto-sphere is that conservatives harbour some mysterious and sinister hidden agenda. Scared silly that some cabal of socially conservative types ... like Stockwell Day for instance are holding back ... just until they get the chance to do some evil stuff to cramp the liberal-progressive sort of life styles that depend on freedom from any kind of consequences and usually a healthy dose of taxpayer largess somewhere along the way.

Well I take the view that the hidden agenda thing is the fundamental backbone of the socialist political and activist types.

Always hidden behind the benevolent and caring sounds of the lefty pol, is the unstated and inevitable consequence of following their path.

More often than not the consequences include some form of meddling in the lives of people and far too often some unwilling concession forced onto the public as a whole. These concessions are typically in the form of some loss of freedom and a surrender of what has been traditionally a personal choice and a right of individual conscience given over to the forces of meddlesome state apparatchiks.

Often too it seems that while we are distracted by one or another of these never ending impositions these same folks who have postured as our moral and intellectual betters have been busy feathering their own nests.

For my part the only surprise is how long it takes for the general public to figure out that the people who make their way into your lives by making their Utopian promises are not going to deliver. Further, that it should be any surprise that they turn out to be nothing more than manipulative opportunists.

And so it is with the Manitoba NDP.

While Some People like Winnipeg blogging sleuth The Black Rod have taken notice right from the get-go.

Others seem to find the need to strain their credulity and credibility in their efforts to deny what is as plain as the nose on your face.

Our local and not-so-local media types would be a good example. Where for as long as there has been a lib-lefty pol around to pander to or carry water for have been Johnny on the spot.

Deny, obfuscate, attempt to confuse and misdirect. That is the way the Free Press and others like to play it when it comes to our NDP.

While Doer's Dippers have failed to achieve a single goal stated in their policies or promises the MSM hasn't noticed. While project after project has been bungled. While every public administrative branch of the Provincial government has bee mismanaged. While no area of public service has escaped the meddling of the NDP and no area of civic responsibility has been administered with competence. While boondoggle after corrupt boondoggle has been entered into and promoted without ever a consideration for the consequences. Where have the media been?

Well, to be blunt who cares anymore? Local TV? Let it die the death it deserves. Local newspaper good riddance. Where the current incarnations of the 5th estate have failed and met their fate others will come forth and learning from those failings succeed.

But for the politicos of the left?

Soon too, for them the days are numbered.

In spite of all the facile maneuvering, the election rule changes that just so conveniently have always been imposed on the opposition well in advance of the NDP, the not so subtle limitations on the rights of individuals to support the political entities that choose in the manner they choose. In spite of the decades of below the table double dealings that somehow always manage to benefit the political fortunes of the Dippers and the financial well being of their loyal supporters. In spite of the massive and complete incompetence in governance. In spite of of the self serving "public service" unions who have held a special place in the heart and at the hog trough under the NDP.

And mostly in spite of the gullible fools who choose to believe the tooth fairy promises of the NDP and whose willful blindness has allowed them to sustain their grip on our society for not just one, not two but THREE consecutive turns at the trough.

In spite of all these things ... the chickens eventually do come home to roost.



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