Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Remembering He's Supposed to be a Journalist?

I went looking for the moron at CBC who does not know the difference between Left Wing Extremists and Right Wing fringe political parties. AS explained Here!

And what did I find under International News ? Could it be a glimmer of an actual reporter doing some critical thinking?

Henry (Chump) Champ has been CBC's mainstay in Washington for as long as I care to remember.

I've watched him toe the LIberal progressive line and play follow the leader on every moonbat conspiracy that looks like it might make hay for him and his media buddies for as long as that.

Could it be that somehow after all this time Hank has remembered that he is supposed to be a Journalist?
At the Ceeb :

Obama and the press

Henry Champ

Time to start asking the tougher questions

An excerpt:

That the mainstream press checks its skepticism at the door when Obama is involved.

Two studies out in recent weeks suggest they are right.

Ok that IS buried in a lot of condescending bullshit from the Chump ... but Hey! Baby steps ...


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