Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday's Beer !

Ah ! The pleasures of summer........

Hanging around outside, tinkering in the garage while listening to The Great Canadian Talk Show... Having a beer.

The BBQ is fired up and getting nice and hot for some extra lean ground beef patties and I have a new treat to try out.....

Say hello to : Neuzeller Klofter-Brau's (Kloster-Brau)

Original Badebier

Right off the top I sense this is a winner.

Popped open with some gusto and poured dark and thick into one of my happy glasses.

The body like rich dark roasted coffee topped of with a thick head of tawny crisp foam.
A steady effervescence in the body keeps the whole thing lively and fresh.

The aroma of a summer hay meadow after a rainstorm with clover and sweet grasses and just a tinge of warm earthy malts.

The creamy sensation on the tongue a slightly tart, hops and coffee taste and a clean finish with just an edge of bitterness that fades to clean lip smacking sweetness.

"The brother Bibulibus a monk has left nothing written except his name and his beer. " Monks and Beer!

Thank God!

Cheers .... and do not forget that if it is Friday there is Blues and Beer at !


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