Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday's Beer!

Say hello to Neuzeller Klosterbrau Porter

"Extra Stark"

She pours beautifully dark with thick rich crown of tawny foam.

There are beers that are just perfect for rainy days ..... and this baby is one of those.

The aroma of cut fields of hay and a background of bakeshop goodies like fresh bread and roasted toasted grains.

The feel on the tongue is rich and creamy and the taste sensations much like chocolate. There is a slightly tart edge to the flavour that takes off the sweetness of the sugars and helps to clean the palate for the finish. Aftertaste is a bit cloying and a dry sensation makes a plea for another draught.

All in .... a pretty damned good porter ... not perfect.. not the strongest.....not the best ... but she's making the rainy afternoon feel a lot less depressing!

I'd recommend this beer for anyone not afraid of the big taste and stomach filling warmth of a good dark brew.

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