Friday, August 07, 2009

Friday's Beer!

Say hello to ......

Chalky's BITE !

The idea for Chalky's Bite came about as a challenge from Rick Stein to Sharp's Head Brewer Stuart Howe.

"The task was to create a distinctly English beer with the character, individuality and quality to stand alongside the Belgian greats. "

"The beer created is exceptional with a delicate flavour balance of three different hop varieties and wild Cornish fennel. With a totally natural process and a maturation period of over three months the beer is allowed ample time to develop a high level of carbonation, its own distinctive flavour and a beautiful light golden colour.

Chalky's patience whilst attending the many development and sampling sessions at the Brewery is justifiably rewarded in the name."

Well this one caught my eye a little while ago and I've been saving a couple bottles for just the right time.

Right off the top I did things a little different with this beer sampling. First, I chilled the bottle to nearly freezing. I also froze the happy glass to about minus 20.

It's summer after all and I sensed that this lager was just the candidate for traditional lager serving...... I was right.

Poured into the frozen happy glass without any regard for being delicate the pup produced a great white head of foam that lasted long enough to take a bite. Really!

I got a mouthfull off the top and chewed it. Very hoppy in the classic lager way that I grew up with.

The body is truly golden and the aroma is very much about the hops. The blend they use makes for a slightly spicy and definitely pungent hop aroma. Maybe it's the fennel that offers the floral tones but I'm getting a lot of really aromatic hop scents. All this over a hint of malty caramel.

The first taste after the foam was a pleasant bitterness and the underlying malt sweetness.
I am guessing that if you serve this a bit warmer (10 deg c or so) the malts will come on strong.

The mouth feel at this temperature is clean and crisp. The finish nicely neutral with a bit of the seasoning lingering.

All in .... a very refreshing and rewarding beer for those of us who like the classic lager.

This puppy gets BOTH thumbs up ( to paraphrase Darcey at DMB) .... but you can get

Other opinions .

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