Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday's Beer !

Say hello to Palm from the folks at Palm Breweries at Steenhufl Be.

A gift from my Vancouver source.....

I was very pleased to see this bottle show up on Monday this week.

She's a a beer that reminds me of classic IPA... I chilled the bottle and the happy glass before serving.

The pour was lively with a nice head of white froth forming over clear amber body. The head stuck around for just a half minute anf then settled into an eigth inch.

The nose came across as floral hops with a hint of citrus over top of caramel malts, the maltiness definitely in the background. A pleasing combination for me.
The first sip gave a lot of tart citric hoppiness and then the caramel came through and left a slightly dry but refreshing after taste. The mouth feel was a bit dry at the end but the crispness of those hops for the first 9/10ths makes me want to go back quickly for the next draught.

After the glass warmed up a bit the caramel malts take over as the top sensation.

An interesting and rewarding beverage that I'd recomend for the sheer pleasure of drinking.

Compared to something like Stella .... twice the beverage.

For a Belgian ... very understated .... for a session beer .... near perfect when served cold and consumed without dilly-dallying. One sip.. one swallow.. one more!

I'd say two thumbs up ....... but you can try it and decide for yourself.

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