Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Economic Geniuses of the MSM

Specifically Canadian Press ...

In a chicken little piece Titled : "Bank of Canada in bind as loonie continues climb toward parity with U.S. dollar" ..... that goes 7 paragraphs before letting slip the underlying reason why our dollar is nearing parity with the USA...........

"The Bank of Canada has a great opportunity. If U.S. weakness continues, the Canadian dollar might actually underperform other currencies waiting for what the bank might say," Scotiabank currency analyst Camilla Sutton said. "

OOPsee ....... The Canadian Dollar isn't the problem ... The US Dollar is the problem.

But that won't stop the folks who are cheerleading for a failing economy.

No matter how plainly the US economy is tanking there are those who wish to see ours go down with it. Somebody has to make the case that it can't happen fast enough.

Apparently, the job of the Bank of Canada is to pander to the wishes of people who can't stand to see a stable Canadian economic policy.

Why do they do that?

And while you are at it try this : Insane Blog Comment of the Day!


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