Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hey Rember Honduras?

Well the lefticles are sure up in arms over the fact that a Democratic country had the guts to evict a socialist wanna-be dictator.

And BTW they did with their constitutional laws.

So what's new?

Well all the socialist lovers in the media are rooting for the .... yes .. the socialists.

UN HRC Expells Honduran Ambasador

But apparently the IMF thinks that honouring agreements takes precedence over loving the left.
Today the body completed a $164 million transfer to the country. ( No link provided because I just think it's wrong to send people the that sewer huffingtonpost)

Of course the USA "Laments" the troubled Independence day celebrations. 1821 ! That'd be 188 Years of independence.

But of course neither Reuters nor the US government regrets that they have helped to create that trouble.

Now ... why is our government not standing up for the right side of this?


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