Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If There Is Anything Less Obvious ....

Than the realignment of a scared New York Liberal's synapses ... as in reverting to type ... then I for one am not aware of it.

From the getgo Charles (Don't Call ME Chuck!) Johnson, the founder of Little Green Footballs was upfront about who he was and where he came from.

He is a New York Liberal who had the bejeezus scared out of him by the attacks of 9/11 and had an epiphany of sorts about what constitutes a rational reaction to having one's life threatened.

No more bleeding heart love the thug liberalism for Chuck ... so he said.
No more putting up with cheese brains blaming America for the actions of others.... so he said.

No siree ... Chuck was going to go after the bad guys and keep going after them. He was going to build an army of like minded individuals to monitor and report on who was helping the enemy and who was on the RIGHT side of things.

Yes SIR ... Charles Johnson had become a solid, clear thinking lover of freedom and democracy and a guy who knew just what was important!

Well ... at least until a few Europeans started to stick up for themselves.

Chuck ... all of a sudden got really concerned about Nazis and neo-fascists lurking about ... waiting for the chance to undermine his righteous crusade and muddying up the waters.

You see ... Chuck is a paranoid .... and one of his pet phobias happens to be people who might just be white supremacists or might be related to someone who was one. And as things evolved in Chuck's head.... pretty much anyone who might have a slightly variant view to his own. That would include anyone with a blog who has an original idea. Or, anyone who questions Chuckee boy's interpretation of things. Seemingly anyone who is Christian ... because all the "smart"people know that Christian is the exact same thing as being ignorant of science and just a closet exectuioner of abortion doctors and such.

That's the way it works with people like Charles Johnson .... starting out as elitist know it alls with thin skin and bilious temperment... might get focussed for a while on reality ....but ... inevitably fall back into the old habits.

Chuck Johnson .... has a kindred soul in one Warren Kinsella.... as I see it.

I wonder if he lurks around community clubs biffys looking for swastikas scribbled in marker on the metal doors?

Just plain pathetic.


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