Friday, November 20, 2009

Breaking with My Friday Tradition....

Of NOT posting on anything that is not fun .... as in "Just Because" or "Friday's Beer".

Something very GOOD did happen today ... not necessarily a FUN thing but seriously a GOOD thing.

The email vault of Britain's Climate Research Unit has been exposed!

Plenty of interested pundits Have Noticed .....

The conspiracies between the likes of Briffa, Mann, Hansen and Jones laid bare for the public to see.

Like Here... SDA

Having personally tussled with "believers" who while clinging to this pack of lies for the sake of having meaning in their lives, refuse to acknowledge evidentiary facts that call the con into question and yet willingly argue that those who claim it is a con... even if they are right (and we are) .... are on the wrong side of the issue because .... as "We all know" ... everyone lies anyway.

I wonder now if hearing or reading the very words of the conspirators will make any difference?

The Sound of All Hell Breaking Loose ... (SDA)

Just the facts (Greenie Watch)

In their own words ....
At 17:07 27/10/2009, Michael Mann wrote:

Hi Phil,
Thanks--we know that. The point is simply that if we want to talk about about a
meaningful "2009" anomaly, every additional month that is available from which to
calculate an annual mean makes the number more credible. We already have this for
GISTEMP, but have been awaiting HadCRU to be able to do a more decisive update of the
status of the disingenuous "globe is cooling" contrarian talking point,
p.s. be a bit careful about what information you send to Andy and what emails you copy
him in on. He's not as predictable as we'd like
On Oct 27, 2009, at 1:04 PM, Phil Jones wrote:

Yes a link will be fine.
I'll look into Sept numbers, but you shouldn't be looking at individual months.

Just a small example found in the first hours of reviewing the 61 megabytes of email.

It also seems there will be a lot to say about how the Mainstream Media .... are NOT saying much.

File this on under: Why I Love The Internet


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Blogger Ayrdale said...

As I have posted today, it will only take one mainstream journal/newspaper to write an in depth expose of this to blow the whole sorry shooting match out of the water. The WSJ could well be that detonator...

11/22/2009 9:56 p.m.  

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