Saturday, November 28, 2009

From the Blogs

".....those who think that recent abnormal changes in the temperature of the earth's biosphere have been caused by side-effects from the behaviour of
homo sapiens, and those who do not think they have been so caused. It turns out that in practice they are both wrong: there have not actually been any abnormal changes in said temperature. As a result of the exposure of The CRU Papers, we now know that claims of such changes were fraudulently fabricated and perpetrated by the priests and believers of the fear-mongering climate-change faith system."

"......not all scientists should be discredited because of a few bad apples but they will be. Too few scientists spoke out when they should have, too few are speaking out now.

".....Meanwhile, the timed-to-Copenhagen drumbeat of manufactured alarmism continues to rise unquestioned by a media too stupid to realize that increasingly large portions of their audience are already 7 days into this file. And that their late-to-the-game pronouncements about "a few emails" only reveal that they're too damned lazy to look for themselves."

".....Update: For Instapundit and Corner readers trying to get up to speed on this scandal, I've created this compendium of reference links "Hide the Decline" - the Climategate links. There's more on the main page.

Be sure to bookmark Climate Audit and WattsUpWithThat, and check back frequently."

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