Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Call Me Thumper

At least temporarily ... because the old adage about saying something nice or nothing at all just allows a lot of things that should be slammed and slammed hard from getting the unpleasant attention they deserve.

I tried ... oh I tried! To keep the foot floppin .... but some things just NEED to be said...........

And so it is with the case of Bookseller McNally-Robinson who just this last week (Dec. 29) filed for bankruptcy protection.

So what did them in?

Well ... in my view a couple of things...
One- and ingrained liberal naivete
Tw0- Stemming from that willful blindness ... a decision to bank on the "Center" of the Canadian Universe ... as our self proclaimed betters in The Big Smoke .... as they should be! Right?

That's where the money and the literati reside is not?

From the Financial Post:

"Iconic downtown Toronto book stores Pages and David Mirvish Books closed their retail outlets this year after decades of operation. Nevertheless, the low-margin business of book sales is holding up, with overall sales rising 3.8% in Canada in the third quarter, according to BookNet Canada."

Well it seems NOT... eh?

What passes for literacy in many places these days consists of nothing more than occasional purchases of discount romance novels and drooling episodes over the pages of rags like the Toronto Star. The closest most people these days come to actual literature is reading about it in the review by some quasi erudite snob in a newspaper such as already mentioned or possibly as a category of "Jeopardy".

Well? Ain't that the truth?

And so Toronto being the cultural leader of all Canadians and the great trendsetting metropolis that shows all us rubes how things are supposed to be .... performs exactly as should be expected. That is .... leading the way down the cultural toilet.

Holly dear Holly .... what did you expect? Hanging with the likes of Gordon Sinclair will get you nothing but a load of idiotic ideas and indigestion.

File this under "F@rk" Toronto baby... Pearls Before Swine.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year TOO !


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