Monday, December 07, 2009

The Climate Change Ponzi for Chumps

As I said over two years ago .... the ambition of the governments that began supporting climate change action initiatives was not to make the world a cleaner or better place to live.

It was always about the UN dream of moving western capital to the third world by coercion and stealth. A dream of undermining the foundations of western economies and supplanting the will of democratic governments with the authortarian rule of an untouchable bureaucracy.

Where the stealth fails the coercion kicks in. Under tax regimes that overburden manufacturing and energy producing industries (sticks) combined with taxpayer funded incentives (carrots), the big government types are prepared to force the western taxpayer (you sucker) to pay for the relocation of western industries to Asia and other points east and south.

Under the guise of the IPCC manufactured consensus of science the UN and a host of willing thieves have conspired to impose their will on the economies that sustain this world.

That'd be YOU again sucker.

Picture the film classic The Godfather.....

The MOB is the UN and the EU statists .... in all probability the current US administration is in the bag as well.

They are making offers that the hapless private industry cannot refuse and the payoffs come from the money they stole from your bank accounts and the protection rackets they've been running under the guise of social programs. Those who will play along get the payoffs those who try to fight it get the dead horses head, the halibut and a visit from Luca Brazzi's tax garrote.

And so it goes that as the circus has descended on Copenhagen ... for the "Last Chance" to save the world. The reality of the Ponzi is on display for those not too distracted by the fast shuffle at the big show:
In Europe Where the carbon credits flow... freely.
We have just one example (not a lone case) of a business that couldn't afford to say no to the MOB.

In Britain ...
Earlier this year, Corus – part of the Tata Group Europe - disclosed that its UK steel inventory was "close to exhaustion" and analysts are expecting improved earnings from second-half trading as production is increased to meet a rebound in demand.

So in a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation the steel manufacturer choses 1.2 billion $ in Euro funds as a bribe to shut down and play ball with the EU and their pals.

The shareholders get a one time palm greasing and the business is gone along with the jobs and the future prospects for thousands.

If you need examples from closer to home just take a look at the avalanche of failures in California that the Obama adminsistration is hell bent on rewarding with the tax dollars of the American public.

So far here in Canada it's limited to providing life support for failed industries in the once "Golden Horshoe" but don't think for a minute that we are imune.

When even our so called Conservative government sends a "Climate Huckster" off to join the other hogs at the trough in Denmark ... you are damned close to having your future locked into the same fate.

The game plan of the malignant socialists in cooperation with the haters of humanity in the Green industry is the de-industrialization of the west and along with that goes the future of your children who will be doomed to a life without any hope of prosperty and servile dependence on the state.

And if you do not understand what that means .... go read some history... to make it simpler for you read some history of the USSR or Pre 1945 Germany.


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