Monday, December 14, 2009

A Mirror on Our Own Society?

This is a fine example of the dynamics at work in a prosperous society. It's not that the people are worried about a decline in population ... it's the bureaucrats.

Who knew that CHINA would be the hotbed of the new age Yuppie?

From USSNeverdock and the WaPo..............

SHANGHAI -- Wang Weijia and her husband grew up surrounded by propaganda posters lecturing them that "Mother Earth is too tired to sustain more children" and "One more baby means one more tomb."

They learned the lesson so well that when Shanghai government officials, alarmed by their city's low birthrate and aging population, abruptly changed course this summer and began encouraging young couples to have more than one child, their reaction was instant and firm: No way.

"We have already given all our time and energy for just one child. We have none left for a second," said Wang, 31, a human resources administrator with an 8-month-old son.

Does China now offer a mirror on our own society?

I am reminded of the propaganda campaign that began to manifest itself in our educational system some 40 years ago in regard to "Planning Parenthood" .... and note the continual rise of immigration to fill the void.

Isn't that working out really well?


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