Monday, January 18, 2010

Climate Fraud - Let The Accounting Begin


As the NOAA and UN IPCC
climate science fraud continues to unravel some of the more industrious "skeptics" ( a term which should be understood to mean "realists" from now on) have been searching through the records that have been used by the so called scientists behind this massive and very deliberate confabulation.

There is now also, a move underway to shine the spotlight back onto the People and Groups in the Media who have been helping to grow and perpetuate this fraud:
Read Climategate - Who are the environment correspondents?

"One of the most interesting aspects to the history of AGW is the sheer unquestioning awfulness of the media coverage. This is an attempt to explain that phenomenon, and is not unreasonable."
Bishop Hill

See the intrepid Bishop Hill

Where to Start? In Canadian broadcast media we have the CBC ... CTV ...The Weather Network ... and Discovery Channel who's programming has been chock full of propaganda in support of climate alarmism for the last two years. All carefully timed as well to increase the level of hysteria in the lead up to major political events such as the last conclave of the heavily invested scammers in Denmark.

Not to mention virtually every local media outlet and newspaper, every national magazine and newspaper and so on.

And of course the icing on the cake where politicians of all stripes have been seeking ways to capitalize on this scam:
Fire the Fool!

And a form of protest Petition to Force Canadian Government to Expose the Facts.

In related and ongoing events...

It turns out that beside the widely documented abuse of data from US based temperature stations that are proven to be located in heat islands across the continental USA and/or improperly maintained....
See: SurfaceStations dot org

That many of the measuring locations are also just being ignored!

It seems that across Canada all but ONE of the Arctic temperature recording stations data have been chucked out and Half of the High Elevation (above 3000 ft) recordings. Just coincidentally it seems that South American Andean mountain observations have likewise been chucked from the data records. In a similar trend, we have recorded the scandals of the China observations which were shown to be falsified (reported records where NO recording sites ever existed) and the Russian reports and the African reports and the Indian glacial melting fiction.

Read: Settled Science?

Oh! and By the way ... if you wonder at all why researchers would bother to lie about what they find:
Really Cool and Very Expensive Gadgets


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