Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday's Beer !

Back at New years we had a bit of a beer fest here at the house of OMMAG.

One of the spots on the menu was created by ... Ossian ...Gold 4.1% beer.

As you can see the Ossian pours a beautiful golden glassfull with a nice crisp head of white froth.

The nose was a citrus blend of hops and a slight yeasty aroma. Well balanced.

The mouthfeel was clean and crisp and the palate was just slightly hop tart over malt.... not too bitter and not too sweet.

The overall taste was one of those just right experiences that make for a good beer to just keep drinking until you've had your fill.

You might choose to quaff this beer while reading the purported poems of the Namesake.

Jeff liked this one .... but that's another story....!

More Opinions!

Oh yeah! .... If it's Friday there must be Blues!



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