Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday's Beer !

Say hello to ..... Cobra!

Billed as ...
Extra Smooth - Premium Beer

"The World's Most Celebrated Lager"

Well I am flummoxed I thought that I was getting a product of India and ended up with a bulk brew from Britain.

Oh well... let's get down to it.

As you can see it's bottled in a standard 330ml sized brown. The bottle has some entertaining graphics moulded in relief and offers 5% abv.

The pop of the top produced a modest report followed by wispy vaporish off gassing.
Into the glass she went then ... to show us a very clear pale gold body with a short head of white froth that soon reduced to a bit of lace around the rim. The effervescent liquid continued to produce bubbles until the glass was down to the last third.

The nose was expecting a strong lagerish hoppiness but got instead a reasonable citrus and banana peel fragrance with a nice undertone of toasted malt. This was a surprise considering the labelled ingredients of Barley malt combined with maize, rice, yeast and hops. The corn/rice thing being the stuff of most of the worlds tasteless mass produced piss....

But the Cobra is not IMO a bottle of piss.

There is enough malty goodness to overcome the underlying weakness in the recipe and the end product pleases the nose and the palate.

The mouthfeel is smooth and the flavour decently fresh, the finish clean enough.

Only downside is this beer makes me burp (a sign of forced carbonation) and plugs up my sinuses ... a sure sign of chemical preservative somewhere in the process.

All in all ... I liked the beer called Cobra .... but I could not drink it in any quantity.
Not a No-Go warning but consider other options.

This one is best left on the shelf if you have any better alternatives to imbibe.

Cheers! Now Off ... to DustMyBroom!


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