Sunday, January 24, 2010

Will Wiki-Pedia Fiddle with the Ellie Light Story?

Who is Ellie Light ... or rather What?

One of the interesting things about the internet and the proliferation of blogs and various search tools is how some attempts to leverage the medium get turned around on the instigators.

It looks like the Ubber Fan of Barry Soetero who uses the pen name Ellie Light has attracted a lot of attention for the implausible attempt to be in 50 or more places at once.

Funny thing though .... how somebody wants to eliminate the record of this from

Would it be the first time the editors of the open resource have fiddled with information?
Or circled the wagons to protect "The ONE" from exposure to scandal?

H/T to Marc at USSNeverdock for the link ... USSNeverdock

Tips on Busting Astroturfers


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