Friday, February 26, 2010

Down Memory Lane ...


Calling out Senators and such.

And NOW:

Calling out British Tabloids for straying from the fold.

I kinda like how the issue is "stolen e-mails" and not the blatant evidence of fraud they reveal.

As for the Tabloids .... they were happy to preach "The Sky is Falling" dogma of these social activists disguised as scientific researchers.

Now .... I'm sure they will be happy to play torchbearers for the pitchfoks and sickle crowd as the witchhunt takes up.

After that ... they will likely turn supporters of state authoritarian measures to control the "Mob".

After that ... they will become responsible adults and contribute something useful to our society.

Just joking.

Before the worm turns that many times the publishing business is going to be gone the way of the dodo ...


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