Monday, February 08, 2010

Why Would Any Business Support The HSUS?

Bad enough that these con artists are in your neighborhood sucking in the gullible and the foolishly naive. When a business goes public with support for the likes of the HSUS the consequences could should be ...


In letters writ large is exactly what the bottlers of Australia's Yellow Tail wine need to see as a consequence of their abject ignorance (or willful maliciousness).

If you are a fan of imported wines you may have purchased Yellow Tail at some time ... I have.

But I will not be anymore.

The Humane Society of the United States has NOTHING to do with protecting animals and everything to do with Anti - Agriculture activism.

They do not in any way shape or form assist your local shelter in protecting pets as most people who donate to them believe. What they do .... is collect Hundreds of Millions of dollars which they then use to fund political campaigns to have legislation enacted that puts farmers out of business.

Now if you happen to agree with that sort of thing then by all means fill your boots.

On the other hand if you care one iota about the foundational industries of our society .... all you have to do is NOTHING .... just don't buy Yellow Tail at your store or in a restaraunt.

If you care a bit more ... try contacting them with a message

Casella Wines

OR Yellow Tail

Here is a list of their Distributors ...

Maybe tell your local vendor about your feelings in this matter?

Oh BTW .... A Backgrounder on HSUS


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