Monday, March 15, 2010

Back Country Sports

Whenever someone goes out in the wilderness and gets themselves injured or dead there is always some body who starts whining about regulation.

For the record:

There is no need to regulate people who wish to experience adventure and raw nature.

It does not matter whether you go there by foot, by ski, by dog team or by machine. It does not matter whether you go in a large group, a small group or alone.

If you go into the wild you go at your own peril.
Of course the BC government Likes the idea of meddling!

Suck it up cupcake!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am all for people to have the freedom to be stupid and go into the back woods. If they are dumb enough to cause an avalanche and kill themselves well it is no loss. However, I also want these yahoos to be billed for the cost of the rescue.

3/17/2010 4:36 p.m.  

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