Tuesday, May 04, 2010

As Soon as They Figure Out How To Blame Israel.....

You'll hear about This on your TV news.

GAZA CITY — Egyptian forces pumped gas into a cross-border tunnel used to smuggle goods into the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, killing four Palestinians, Hamas officials said.

The Hamas Interior Ministry later said in a statement the gas used to try to clear the tunnel was poisonous. Besides those killed, six people were injured, it said.

Hamas reopens smuggling tunnels

The United States and Israel have been pushing Egypt to do more to try to close the tunnels, which provide Hamas with a lifeline helping it to stay in power in Gaza. Weapons and other contraband regularly move through the tunnels.

For various reasons ... I doubt this is even a true story of an actual event.

You may notice that this AP story remains unattributed.
You may also recall that AP is the news agency that has been proven time and time again to willingly participate in propaganda campaigns for the likes of Hamas.
Green Helmet Guy, Wailing Fatima, the dead baby corpse that showed up in about 9 different locations in as many poses, the ambulances "Shot By Air to Ground Missiles' , the various AP stringers that just happen to be there for every HAMAS publicity stunt.

Just saying ... grain of salt and all that.

But given all that and true or not ..... if they can blame Israel ..... you'll hear about it!


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