Friday, June 04, 2010

Friday's Beer !

I dig oysters ..... even in a bottle......................

A reprise from a couple of years ago that does not disappoint. A great way to spend a little time out in man world... (The Workshop)

Comes from the same folks who offer brands like Banks Mansfield and Jennings.

This is a BIG beverage company with lots of brand power and operates breweries and pubs around the UK.
So I was pleasantly surprised by the great nature of this Dark Beer!

Marstons Oyster Stout

She pours deeply dark and rich like the colour of very strong coffee and produces a really rich caramel coloured head. The effervescence dies out rather quickly but that seems to be fair for this kind of brew.
The nose on Oyster is very much filled with citrus fruit and hop flowers at first.
After a few draughts it is largely rich malty burnt sugar aromas with some interesting spice like sensations.

This is a true stout to my palate with strong first flavour and a clean finish that make the next sip come sooner and the rest frequently. It would be easy to over indulge with this beer!

All in all this is a very pleasant beverage to experience and I'd say it would make a great compliment with a decent lunch or dinner like chops, meat pie, stew or even a rich pasta dish.
Hearty beer that seems like it would go well with hearty food.

Like the label says "Dark - Rich - Smooth"



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