Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Watt's Up With THAT?

So those intrepid and peer reviewed "scientists" at Goddard ISS had a little trouble with the numbers?

No problem .... just lose those pesky oceanic temperature readings!

Examine the Arctic and the ocean surrounding Antarctica, the Southern Ocean. Notice a difference? In 2005, the HadCRUT data had better coverage of the Arctic and Southern Oceans than the GISTEMP dataset with 250km radius smoothing. What’s missing in the GISTEMP product? There’s no sea surface temperature data.

And that's how they "Do Science" in the global warming camp.

You See? When researchers are able to provide their political masters with an excuse to give into blackmail for more funding and the tools to justify it to an ignorant and gullible public.... anything can be done.

Just ask Environment Canada .... they managed to lose just about every arctic and mountain high elevation recording from OUR data base.


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