Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Community Activist ..... Surveils Police

Because of Course .... The Police ARE the Problem! Right?

Right? ...

Although critics nationwide say Arizona's law allows police in the state to detain people based on race, grass-roots activists like Sanchez and other self-styled "cop-watchers" say racial profiling is nothing new here. They say SB 1070 stands to make matters worse.

"The Maricopa Sheriff's Office has been doing it for years, but this new law gives them the legal authority to stop people with even less reason for doing so," Sanchez told CNN.



Federal authorities have closed U.S. park land in three Arizona counties along the Mexico border because it is no longer safe after the American territory was taken over by violent drug smuggling cartels as reported by FOX News.

File this under "Know Your Enemy"


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