Friday, July 23, 2010

Liberal Judges ....

Working To Protect Enrich The Offended .....

Aren't you glad your being so well defended?
".... Canadians whose charter rights are breached can now sue for damages even when authorities have acted in good faith, says the country's top court. .... "

Now who would be so sure that his is exactly what the law stands for?

Why .... lookee here!

It's ...... your old pal Bev....................

"I conclude that damages may be awarded for charter breach . . . where appropriate and just," ..... Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin.

In order to qualify for an award, McLachlin wrote that plaintiffs must prove their rights were breached and then demonstrate why damages are "just and appropriate" for either compensation, vindication or deterrence.

The damages are meant to compensate for "physical, psychological and pecuniary" loss, distress, humiliation and embarrassment, and the court said they also act as a deterrent to further breaches of charter rights.

Yes indeed! Free reign for every stripe of perpetually offended loser cash in on the public dime over just about any BS claim they have the wit to say is about their RIGHTS.

And you just know how much these liberal judges care about YOUR rights.


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