Friday, October 01, 2010

Friday's Beer !

Down in Jackson Wyoming we found a popular local brewery and bistro.

The Snake River Brewing Co. has a menu of brew consisting of 8 beverages on tap inside the bistro..... at any given time and a longish list if you inlcude specials and seasonals.

I tried out their AK Session mild ale and the Pale Ale with my meal but was too full for more after stuffing down one of their more than ample pub meals.

The "Roper" is a smoked brisket sandwich with bacon and onions on a largish home baked bun. All really good ..... but after about a week of beef, cheese and fried things for every meal I was running out of appetite for even the tastiest of food and beer.

I was able to take out samples of their Zonker Stout, Vienna Style lager and OB-1 organic ale and this week had a buddy over for a sample of the Zonker.

Zonker is a robust and deliberately over the top dark roasted malt beer.
It hits the nose with a strong whiff of burnt sugar and bakeshop aromas topped with coffee perking in the background.

The body is black as black gets and over the palate feels thick and creamy.
The taste buds get the same treatment as the nose and the rich chocolate and coffee flavours finish off with a nice after-glow of hops.

This beer has won international awards ..... and deserves them!

Cheers! and Ein Prosit people!

And on the way out .....
Here's some Octo-floozies for ya!


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