Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday's Beer !

Blackfriar Premium Scottish Ale

From Inveralmond Brewery ..... seems like an old friend but I cannot find a post on this beer.

Ah well ..... The glass looks like rich copper slightly off to brown and the head sits tall and crisp over the bubbly bod.

The perfume is floral hops and citrus over malty caramels.

The first taste is bitterish like grapefuit but the finish mellows out smooth and creamy. Each new draught from the tall glass produces the same effect right down to the bottom.

The beer pairs up nicely with cheesy pasta and pub grub ... even sweet coffee cake with caramel!

500ml @ 7%abv makes for a satisfying quaff.

Now I remember .... I met yersister Lia Fail and yer brother "Ossian".....



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