Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday's Beer !

I've been on a date with this Belgian beauty before but I can't find the pictures.........

So just like it's the first time .... let's say hello to Blonde beer from Abbey Malonne of Belgium.

A clear golden body that bubbles like Goldie Hawn on a Rowan and Martin special.... she fills my happy glass with effervescent joy.

A whiff off the top gives a first taste of sweet yeast and lemony hops.... a pause and the second delivers banana skins with floral spices and a caramel pastry back in the kitchen.

Yep ... over the lips and onto the tongue she goes... with a kind of bake shop melange that is so very mouth watering . A hint of that lemon zest and honey like wildflowers that feels like cream on the palate.

A clean floral finish .... and in we go for another!

To bad the bottle is so small (330ml) ... moderate abv @ 6/3% is ok ... but just ONE small glass is not the way to go .... It's like bringing your date home before the hour of doom.



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