Saturday, November 13, 2010

On Revisionist Thinking ... The Malthusian Assumption

While catching up on the environment science blog Greenie Watch I found this article on the proponents of "limited resources' theory and the natural extension of this "enforced population control"....

An article by Brendan O'Neill (excerpt below)

Of course, the Malthusians have learned from their past. They have learned from their earlier dalliances with eugenics in the 1930s and forced sterilisation in India in the 1970s, and from their complicity in the development of China’s one-child policy in the 1980s; they know that population authoritarianism is not popular. Women don’t like being told what to do with their wombs, and men don’t like being forced into vasectomies. So modern-day Malthusians have adopted the language of ‘reproductive choice’ and ‘female empowerment’ instead. But this is deeply, deeply disingenuous.

Because when you promote family planning on the basis that too many children will destroy the planet, on the basis that women are creating future pollutants, on the basis that our offspring will turn into planet-rapists, then you are not giving women real reproductive choice, which is something I fully support; no, you are giving them an ultimatum. You are instructing them that if they carry on breeding, then they will be responsible for natural disasters and carnage on a Biblical scale. That is coercion; it is an invasion of women’s free will. And it is the end result of a misanthropic outlook which says that the worst thing a human being can do is create another human being.

Brendan O’Neill is editor of spiked. Read his personal website here.

Yep they are wrong about everything because the core assumptions made to support their ethos are false.

By extension and for the same reasons the fellow travellers ... those who have adopted the Malthusian doctrines to their political and moral views .... socialists, feminists, environmentalists and other such "ists" .... your modern liberals and your progressive sorts .... always wrong about everything.


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