Thursday, November 11, 2010


To those of a revisionist bent who find the month of November to be ripe with opportunities to spin their warped perspectives....

As each year passes the connection to the terrible events of the 20th century becomes weaker and for many has already been lost. The number of those who put their lives on the line to defend our way of life is diminished and eventually there will remain none. Only those of us in succeeding generations will remain and this should not be taken as an excuse for failure to keep the facts and the reasons for these sacrifices alive and at the fore of our consciousness on at least this one day.

Having been divorced from the direct reality of two world wars and those numerous other events is no excuse for ignorance or willful disregard. Neither is hiding behind a facade of politically correct faux morality about the evil of war. Too bad if it makes you uncomfortable to think about such things. The very fact that you have the luxury of indulging in self gratifying and plainly selfish behaviours is in fact due to the sacrifices of people who went before you.
If you have no memory to sustain then educate yourself and learn to show some respect.

What I remember...

Mostly I remember the stern instructions from my parents prior to our walk to the memorial each November 11th morning. Be respectful they said. Show your friends and neighbours that you care about what they have lost and how they feel. Remember that many people gave up their own lives to ensure that you can stand here as a free person. Remember that you live in a country of hope and opportunity and that is so because of the sacrifice of others. Remember that by showing your public respect for the dignity and honour of those sacrifices that dignity and respect is reflected back on you.

I was not there in the horror of war. I did not experience the terror or the blood or the pain. I did not struggle in the filth and cold. But I do remember to respect that someone did.


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