Sunday, February 13, 2011

EPA Publishes Fraudulent Reports

And Reuters is happy to repeat them..... In an article taken from the UK online edition of their reports the "news" disseminator uses their bully pulpit in a fine example of focussed messaging that begins with a false premise and finishes with the hyperbole of a fanatic preacher ranting to the captive choir. Note that by all indications the UK media continues to be completely committed to continuing their efforts to promote the idea that there is a fact based, scientific reality that includes all of the worst case scenarios imagined by the credulous populace and encouraged by radical activist organizations.

Typical of the daily efforts of these self appointed moral and intellectual betters in the mainstream media and revealing of the depth of corruption in what are supposed to public serving agencies, the falsity of this particular piece of propaganda was observed first by John Ray of Greenie Watch :

“Since the mid-1970s, Alaska has warmed at three times the rate of the Lower 48 states, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. And with nearly two-thirds of U.S. national parkland located in Alaska, the issue of climate change is especially pressing there, officials say.

In some far northern parks such as Gates of the Arctic, average temperatures are expected to shift in coming years from below freezing to above freezing, crossing a crucial threshold, said Bob Winfree, Alaska science adviser for the Park Service.

“The effects of melting ice and thawing permafrost, I think, will be major,” Winfree said.

Dr.Ray goes on to point out the nature of the factual misrepresentation behind the public statements from the EPA and the Alaska Parks Service which, in a nutshell is that the claimed warming all happened prior to 1977.

The trail that led to this little example of fraudulent reporting led from another respectable science blogging site "Real Science" by Steven Goddard.... who also sees this in terms of how the sources are responsible for the propagation of these falsities. They are ... but it goes beyond that.

For my part ... the efforts of these clowns in the MSM to perpetuate misinformation, their reliance on false reports, falsified information, false attribution and revisionist claims of historical data need to be seen and understood for what it is ... that being the venal efforts of people who are committed to and dependent for their livelihood on creating contention and exploiting the insecurities of their captive audience.

In the frame of reference common to the media insiders it's all about the effect that their stories create and the ability to exploit that effect. A point of view which also seems to lead to a kind of smug self importance and superiority in how they view themselves.

In my view .... nothing but a bunch of sleazy misanthropes running a long legged game on the credulous public.


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