Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday's Beer!

Say hello to Tullibardine 1488 ... Premium ... Whisky Beer !
Spelled in the Scotts manner ....

First impression is that the brew pours a nice deep golden and clear body with a crisp looking off white head of froth.
The body is effervescent and remains that way as the foam settles to a thick lace on the top.

A whiff off the glass gives a pleasant scent of malts and grass like hops ... one of the earmarks (nosemarks?) of many beers that I do enjoy.... but understated in terms of the expectations of somethiing labled "Whisky Beer" .

A pull from the happy glass delivers a nice surprise .... lots of malttyness and a bonus of that oaken whisky barrel tingle followed with a clean and sweetish finish that leaves eventually .... a bit of dryness that begs fro another go at the glass.

All around .... really well balanced ... nothing over the top and quite satisfying.

Good beer!

7% abv in a 500 ml bottle ... Learn more at Tullibardine dot com



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Blogger Lost Johnny said...

yeah, beauty!

2/27/2011 7:10 p.m.  

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