Tuesday, February 08, 2011

No Shit Sherlock !

Toyota electronics not defective!

After a year and a half and nearly forty BILLION$ in unjustified fines levied against auto maker Toyota the US government has finally admitted that there was no problem in the vehicles outside of people who use them and a few funky accelerator pedals.

The Transportation Department, which was assisted by engineers with NASA, said its 10-month study of Toyota vehicles concluded there was no electronic cause of unintended high-speed acceleration in Toyotas. The study, which was launched at the request of Congress, responded to consumer complaints that flawed electronics could be the culprit behind Toyota’s spate of recalls...

Nevertheless.... The chief bureaucrat at the transport department ... political appointee ... Ray LaHood intends to continue 'studying' the use of electronics in cars and looks forward to creating more unnecessary regulation ....

A preliminary part of the study, released last August, failed to find any electronic flaws based on a review of event data recorders, or vehicle black boxes.

Despite its findings, LaHood said the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was considering new regulations to improve safety. They include requiring brake override systems on all vehicles, standardizing keyless ignition systems and requiring event data recorders, or vehicle black boxes, on all new vehicles.

Transportation officials said they would also consider conducting more research on electronic control systems and review the placement and design of accelerator and brake pedals.

My question is .... Will Toyota be getting that 50 Billion$ back? And ... NASA? ... freekin highest paid research scientists in the world NASA ... trouble shooting cars for Washington?

As an aside ... if you care to read the article by AP you may notice a "slight" tendency to spin the report into a praising of the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress at the time of instigation .....

Nope .... this is rather a case that should clearly spell out how incompetent and wasteful meddling politicians and government hacks always prove to be.

And besides .... isn't NASA's mandate from Obama supposed to be finding ways to make muslims feel good about their accomplishments?

Happy Motoring!


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