Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday's Beer!

From the cellars of Trapiste monks in Belgium..... a mini drama / adventure / love story ... By: OMMAG


OMMAG Standing in the Dakota St. MLC ... spots something he has not seen before ... it is the beautiful ORVAL standing there in her simple elegance .... she speaks to OMMAG ..... "Look at me .... take me" OMMAG speaks to her "I've not had the pleasure !" And so .... ORVAL Replies to OMMAG .... " Take me with you ... I will be your pleasure."
And so the deal is done .... OMMAG takes ORVAL into his hands and carresses her curvacious form. Gently, he sets her to rest in a sturdy case with some friends to keep her company.

Later at the home of OMMAG .....
ORVAL is set to rest in a cool dark place (the kind that her kind likes) where she can relax and prepare for the weekend.

As the days go by ... OMMAG has put ORVAL out of his mind .... but the weekend nears and thoughts of ORVAL become more frequent and more intense....

It is Friday afternoon .... OMMAG goes to ORVAL and brings her to his special place.

The happy glass is ready, the opener at hand, the scene is set for some intimate debauchery.

Now being from the home of Monks .... we are not sure if this is the sort of thing they had intended while nurturing this baby girl to maturity ..... but we are past those sort of quibbles.

OMMAG .... picks up the curvy vessel and once more gently carresses her form ... holding her up to the lights .... takes in feel and the form. Then .... prepares to release her from the confines of her travelling clothes. "Set me free." whispers ORVAL.
OMMAG complies ....
With a deftness gained through years of experience intrepid OMMAG applies his might to remove the constraining top and the compliant ORVAL fairly leaps from her confines. With a short gasping exclamation she slithers from the bottle to the happy glass ....

Freed from her former constraints she dances and bubbles, her golden head rising into a delight of froth. The perfume she releases is wonderful .... wild flowers and citrus fruit .... bakeshop aromas with spices and herbs ... fresh mowed clover .... and something so rare it is unidentifiable.

"Hold me close ..." speaks ORVAL...

OMMAG inhales .... he is smitten .... OMMAG is hungry for ORVAL .... he fills his mouth with the golden foam from her crown .... he is surprised by the bitterness of it ... at first.
As the taste of this treat settles in ..... the undertones of the flower and the fruit come back to establish their place in the cloud of flavour sensations..... this is a balance ... a yin and yang.

OMMAG is smiling ..... he knows know that ORVAL has spoken with her other voice and she is inviting as she reveals herself .... "Take me now. I have more .... so much more to give".

And OMMAG is not one to hesitate at such an invitation ....but he has restraint and does so with a slow and deliberate inhalation .... a long and savouring draught that brings the perfume and the musk of her body .... all the senses are aroused. Taste.... the sweet nectar with etherial seasonings .... feel ..... the sensuous creaminess that passes over the palate. OMMAG lets the sensations mingle and subside .... and relishes the after glow of the experience.

But we are not finished ..... again and again ... three .... four ..... and more until there is nothing left of her to give.

OMMAG is satisfied ...... for now.


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