Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Progressive Propaganda Business

After looking around the news this morning I came across some links to the New York Times.

Being a US paper of well known and well deserved repute for taking the Left side of everything I seldom bother with them. This applies to pretty much all of our homegrown Canadian media as well ..... who tend to pick up on these bandwagon events and never give a thought to what the outcomes might be .... it's all just another opportunity to pitch to their audience.

But today a little bit of the Consequences comes back to bite their believers. Muslim Group Takes lead...

It seems that after those weeks of hyping the popular uprising against Mubarak in Egypt as a "Struggle for Democracy" by the nation's youth .... those so called youth have been shoved aside by the two groups that stand (and need) to benefit from the power vacuum created in the fervor of activists progressive wet dreams. In short, the Muslim Brotherhood and their various associated friends have made deals with military power brokers in Egypt to consolidate power and fast track the takeover of Egypt's government.

File that one under No Shit Sherlock!

Yeah Sure ... there's going to be an election ..... but given the fact that there will be no other choice but to support the militant Islamic terrorists and their new friends in the military ... or to waste their efforts supporting hopeless and ineffectual opponents to the Military/Islamist cabal... what the world now has is a coup d'etat.

So much for all that drum banging ... chanting and fist pumping about "Democracy" ... eh?

While the Times editorial staff and writers probably don't really give a shit about such consequences ... I am pretty sure that those useful idiots in Egypt who who allowed themselves to be stampeded by the activists and the media are having some sober thoughts now.

Consequences are a bitch and those of us who were predicting this outcome take little pleasure in being vindicated. Either way the MSM will continue to behave the same way in situations like this... the hope is that more of the public will wake up to the fact that what the Times and their ilk do is not news reporting. Perhaps even make an effort to figure out what is being left out, ignored or even lied about when they pick through these rags.


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