Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Progressive Propaganda Business

Yet another gem from the New york Times ....
In an op-ed from some joker named Bob Herbert at the Times:

"Losing Our Way" the opinionist offers a conflated argument that claims evil conservative forces are attempting to infringe upon "The Rights" of academics by making legal requests for information. The requests in question have to do with communications by State Empoyees that violate policies and laws concerning the use of Public resources for Personal and Political activities.

Of course .... in the eyes of the progressive elite there actually exists something called academic rights .... so as usual the entire argument of a left wing elitist begins with a false proposition.

So what is positioned as an informed opinion on a topical matter is in fact nothing but an anti-conservative .... anti-republican ... propaganda article.

But what the heck ... that's their Job! Right?


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